Theresa Sabo-Martin

Theresa has a degree in business with a concentration in accounting from the University of New Mexico. She has don development work for numerous applications for over 30 years.

About Us

The most important thing is to define your goals

Paul Martin

Paul has a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico. He has worked with multiple database applications and programmed and developed for over 25 years.

We want our students to know their software and to have it help them at work.

What Really Matters

We can set up any database that your office needs

The easiest and most complete way to track all of your office operations is with the use of a well designed database application.

Your office needs to know when and how transactions have taken place.

Microsoft Access is the way to track your information.

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You have many options and was to learn how to work with you personal computer, but the best way is to have the right software and support for your business.

We offer classes in all of the currently used Microsoft software and with have over 40 years of combined experience.